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A motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch

Curvy roads and wonderful views: The path is the destination!

Is a motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch at the top of your bucket list? What are you waiting for? Get on your bike and come visit us at the Paradies Pure Mountain Resort in Solda/Sulden. As hosts in one of the MoHo – Motorcycle Hotels, we know exactly what is important on a bike holiday. You can get started right in front of our hotel. In addition to the motorcycle tour to the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch, other exciting passes and spectacular routes await you, which will take you to Lombardy, St. Moritz, or Innsbruck.

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A motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch & more!

Whether a motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch, a joyride to Lake Garda, or an excursion to Merano/Meran – with us, there is plenty to choose from.Care for some insider tips? Below you will find a fine selection of tours.

Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch: the best Alpine roads

Distance: 60 km
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 7,376 metres

A motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch is an absolute must for all bikers. The pass is considered one of the greatest pioneering achievements of the Austrian Empire in the 19th century. With a total of 48 hairpin turns, it leads to Italy's highest mountain pass (2,757 m) and is considered a great technical challenge. Drive from Solda/Sulden to Gomagoi. The spectacular pass road starts here, that takes you up to the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the picturesque mountain world of the Ortles/Ortler massif and the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch National Park. After a well-earned break, you can drive back to Solda/Sulden via Bormio or via the Umbrail Pass (2,503 m) and the Ofen Pass. Alternatively, you can drive over the Umbrail Pass to Tubre/Taufers im Münstertal, on to Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch and finally back to Solda/Sulden.

St. Moritz: more than just chocolate and Swiss cheese

Distance: 417 km
Duration: approx. 6-8 hours
Difference in altitude: 37,059 metres

Due to the distance of this tour, we recommend to start early in the morning after a rich breakfast. Drive out of the valley to Gomagoi. Then turn off towards Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch (2,757 m). Follow the signs to the Umbrail Pass (2,503 m) and drive to Santa Maria im Münstertal in Switzerland. Cross the village of Tschierv and continue on the Ofen Pass (2,149 m). Continue over the Flüela Pass (2,383 m) to the high-altitude health resort Davos. Then, drive over the Wolfgang Pass (1,631 m) and Klosters to Chur. From here, you will reach Arosa after 29 kilometres. To get back to Solda/Sulden, drive back to Chur. From there, follow the signs for Valbella and Lenzerheide (1,547 m). After crossing the pass, the tour continues to the Julier Pass (2,284 m). After an adventurous descent, you will reach St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps. The last part of the tour takes you to Zernez in Oberengadin. Then, follow the road over the Ofen Pass to Santa Maria im Münstertal. Once here, you can choose between two routes. The first route leads via Müstair to Glorenza/Glurns, then toPrato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch and Gomagoi and then along the state road to Solda/Sulden. The second runs along the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch to Gomagoi and along the state road back to Solda/Sulden.

Swiss pass tour: a highlight for curve lovers

Distance: 320 km
Duration: approx. 7-9 hours
Difference in altitude: 24,634 m

From Solda/Sulden, the tour leads to Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch and on to Tubre in Val Monastero/Taufers in Münstertal. Cross the border and follow the route to the Ofen Pass (2,149 m). From there, continue through the Swiss National Park. Follow the state road to Punt la Drossa. Here, continue to Livigno and the border pass Forcola di Livigno (2,315 m). After a few kilometres, you will reach the Bernina Pass (2,330 m). From here, the route leads down to Pontresina and Samedan, past St. Moritz, and through the Oberengadin to La Punt. Follow the road to Val d'Alvra and up to the Albula Pass (2,312 m). Afterwards, go on to Davos and over the Flüela Pass (2,383 m) down to the picturesque mountain village of Zernez. Once there, drive over the Ofen Pass to Santa Maria im Münstertal. Shortly after the narrow passage in the village, the last section of the route begins towards the Umbrail Pass (2,503 m), continues to the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch (2,757 m,) and finally via Gomagoi back to Solda/Sulden.

Around the Ortles/Ortler, the king of the mountains

Distance: 270 km
Duration: approx. 8 hours
Difference in altitude: 22,613 m

Start in Solda/Sulden and drive via Gomagoi and Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch to Merano/Meran, on to Lana and to Val d'Ultimo/Ultental. Shortly after San Pancrazio/St. Pankraz, turn right towards Proves/Proveis. From here, you will reach Val di Sole. Passing Lago San Giustina, travel through the Vermiglio valley and then to the Tonale Pass (1,884 m). The tour continues to Ponte di Legno in the Adamello region. Once there, follow the signs and drive up to the narrow Gavia Pass (2,621 m). After a short break, the journey continues over the well-developed north side of the Gavia Pass to Santa Caterina Valfurva. The last section of the route takes you through the small town of Bormio, up to the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch (2,757 m), down to Gomagoi, and finally back to Solda/Sulden.

Lake Como: visit George Clooney

Distance: 353 km
Duration: approx. 7 hours
Difference in altitude: approx. 10,973 m

From our hotel in Solda/Sulden, you can drive to Gomagoi. Afterwards, the motorcycle tour leads to Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch. Follow the road to Bormio. From there, travel along the enchanting valley floor to Sondrio and on to Sorico at Lake Como. After a break at Lake Como, continue north to Chiavenna. This picturesque town is situated on the banks of the Mera River and radiates a special charm. From here, drive east. After a short time, you will reach the village Castasegna on the border to Switzerland. Follow the signs for Maloja Pass (1,850 m). Once there, you can accelerate one last time and drive to St. Moritz. After visiting the famous holiday resort, continue towards Zernez and approach the end of your tour. Ride over the Ofen Pass, pass the Münstertal, and you’re back in South Tyrol. Before you drive towards Solda/Sulden, a short stop in the medieval town of Glurns is worthwhile.

Lake Bergamo & Lake Como: the quest for Stracciatella

Distance: 655 km
Duration: approx. 10-12 hours (also suitable as a two-day tour)
Difference in altitude: 15,939 m

If you plan this tour as a one-day tour, we recommend that you leave early in the morning. From Gomagoi, the motorcycle tour takes you up the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch (2,757 m). Then, follow the well-developed road to Bormio via the SS 38, which runs through the Valtellina valley. After about 40 minutes, you will reach the small town of Tirano. A few kilometres further on is the turnoff towards Passo dell'Aprica (1,176 m). Through the narrow valleyof Valle di Corteno to Edolo and on through Val Camonica to Edolo. At Forno Allione, the route leads over the Passo del Vivione (1,828 m), the Passo della Presolana (1,297 m), and the Passo della Crocetta (1,267 m) to the Passo San Marco (1,985 m). Once you have arrived in Morbegno, go along Lake Como to Lecco. From here, you will reach Bergamo in less than an hour. The old town is car-free and surrounded by a thick city wall. A little tip: take the opportunity to taste the delicious stracciatella ice cream which was invented here. For a two-day tour, we recommend you to stay overnight in the surroundings of Bergamo, for example: in Franciacorta or at Lake Iseo. On the way back to Solda/Sulden, cross the Val Camonica to Edolo. From here, the tour continues to Ponte di Legno. Ride over Italy's second highest pass, the narrow Gavia Pass (2,621 m), and you will reach the small villageof Santa Caterina Valfurva. Drive through Valfurva. After 15 km, you will reach Bormio. At the end of this tour, you can enjoy the ride over the well-developed pass road to the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch again, as you ride back to Solda/Sulden.

Lake Garda: Romantic dolce vita

Distance: 428 km
Duration: approx. 7.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 12,493 metres

This tour is ideal for a romantic day trip for two. Start from Solda/Sulden and drive along the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road to Merano/Meran and then on to Lana and over the Gampen Pass (1,518 m) to Senale/Unsere Liebe Frau im Walde in Deutschnonsberg.Continue to Lago Santa Giustina. Follow the signs for Maso Milano and Lake Molveno to get to the Sarca valley, which will take you to Riva del Garda. Park your bike and stroll along the lake promenade through the romantic little town. After a long walk, you can make your way back to Solda/Sulden. From Riva, drive to Torbole and follow the signs for Rovereto. Once there, you can take the motorway to the Bolzano Sud/Bozen Süd exit or follow the main road via Trento, Mezzocorona, Termeno/Tramin and Kaltern/Caldaro to the MeBo expressway in Appiano/Eppan. Stay on the MeBo until you reach Lagundo/Algund and then drive along the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road toPrato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch and Solda/Sulden.

Merano: A short trip to the spa town

Distance: 170 km
Duration: approx. 4-5 hours
Difference in altitude: 5,748 m

This short trip takes you to the spa and garden city of Merano/Meran. Tyrolean traditions and Mediterranean charm meet here. Starting from Paradies Pure Mountain Resort, drive via Gomagoi and Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjochto Spondigna/Spondinig. Turn right at the roundabout and follow the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road to Merano/Meran. The small town with its historic arcades and shops invites you to shop and stroll around. In the numerous restaurants, pizzerias, and bars, you can taste local specialities. If you prefer to stretch your feet, we recommend a walk along the Passer promenade or a visit to the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, where you can admire plants from all over the world. Due to the heavy traffic on the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road, you should plan 1.5 hours for your return to Solda/Sulden.

Passo di Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass: A curvy driving pleasure

Distance: 400 km
Duration: approx. 8 hours
Difference in altitude: 15,852 m

Drive to Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch and on to Spondigna/Spondinig, where you turn onto the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road in the direction of Merano/Meran. After arriving in the spa town, cross the district of Maia Alta/Obermais. From there, follow the signs to the Val Passiria/Passiertal. From San Leonardo in Passiria/St. Leonhard in Passeier, the tour leads over the Passo di Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass (2,094 m). Take the opportunity for a short stopover and enjoy the view overlooking the Ötztal valley and the Sarntal Alps. Continue to Vipiteno/Sterzing, a beautiful medieval town, to which you should definitely pay a short visit. The route then takes you up to the Passo di Pènnes/Penserjoch (2,211 m), one of the highest passes in the Alps. From there, ride down through the rustic Sarentino/Sarntal to Bolzano/Bozen. Numerous restaurants and pubs in the province’s capital invite you to a well-deserved break. Afterwards, we recommend you to take the old state road back to Merano/Meran. In Lagundo/Algund near Merano/Meran you should definitely stop at the Forst brewery to taste South Tyrol's famous beer and typical specialities. Finally, return to Solda/Sulden, where you can relax in our wellness area.

Passo del Rombo/Timmelsjoch: Dream tour through the Alps

Distance: 299 km
Duration: approx. 7 hours
Difference in altitude: 19,457 m

To make the motorcycle tour via Imst in Austria and the Passo del Rombo/Timmelsjoch in one day, we recommend that you leave early. Drive from Solda/Sulden towards Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch and via Montechiaro/Lichtenberg to Glorenza/Glurns. Afterwards, continue towards the Passo di Resia/Reschenpass. A pit stop at Lake Resia is an absolute must. After all, the sunken church tower, the top of which rises up into the sky, is considered a landmark of the Val Venosta/Vinschgau region. From the Passo di Resia/Reschenpass (1,504 m), descend to the plain of the Tyrolean uplands. Follow the road until shortly after Imst, where you turn towards the legendary Ötztal valley. Passing mystical forests, lush green meadows, and small mountain villages, climb the Passo del Rombo/Timmelsjoch (2,474 m). The magnificent Alpine pass road winds up along the foot of imposing glaciers. Continue to the Val Passiria/Passiertal. After a break in the idyllic village of St. Leonhard, continue to Merano/Meran. Here, you can make a detour to the old town or visit the botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Return along the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road toSpondigna/Spondinig and from on to Solda/Sulden.

Hahntennjoch: a high-altitude tour with a view

Distance: 412 km
Duration: approx. 7.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 26,495 m

Drive from Solda/Sulden towards Lake Resia and continue over the Passo di Resia/Reschenpass to Imst (Austria). From there, follow the signs to Hahntennjoch (1,894 m). This connects the upper Inntal valley with the Tyrolean Lechtal valley. Take a short break in the mountain village of Elmen on the descent towards the Tyrolean Lechtal. Due to the intensive sunlight, the old half-timbered houses shine in a particularly beautiful light. Through the Tyrolean countryside via Dürnau and the enchanting municipality of Vandans in Vorarlberg to Ischgl. At the famous winter ski resort, you can take the Silvretta railway and enjoy the view of the surroundings. Then, drive towards Landeck and over the Passo di Resia/Reschenpass back to Solda/Sulden.

Sella Pass/Sellajoch: a joyride through the Dolomites

Distance: 356 km
Duration: approx. 6.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 17,515 metres

From Solda/Sulden toSpondigna/Spondinig, continue on the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road towards Merano/Meran. Once in Lagundo/Algund, you can choose between two routes to reach Ora/Auer in the South Tyrolean lowlands. The first leads over the MeBo expressway to Bolzano/Bozen and over the state road to Ora/Auer. The second route leads via Merano/Meran, Lana, Burgstall/Postal, Vilpiano/Vilpian, Terlano/Terlan, Caldaro/Kaltern, and Termino/Tramin to Ora/Auer. From here, continue to Cavalese in the Fiemme valley (Val di Fiemme). Follow the road until you reach the Passo Lavazè/Lavazèjoch. After leaving the pass behind you, take the state road to Ponte Nova/Birchabruck and continue in the direction of Lake Carezza. After the villageof Nova Levante/Welschnofen, follow the ascending pass road until you see the beautiful Lake Carezza with the imposing Latemar massif in the background on your right. The tour then continues over the Passo di Costalunga/Karerpass to Pozza di Fassa in theVal di Fassa. Follow the road towards Canazei, then over the Sellapass/Sellajoch into the Val Gardena/Grödener Tal to Ponte Gardena/Waidbruck. Then take the state road to Bolzano/Bozen. Via the expressway MeBo and the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road you return to Solda/Sulden.

Your motorcycle hotel in Val Venosta/Vinschgau with all the trimmings

At the Paradies Pure Mountain Resort, bikers are number one. As a guest of our MoHo Hotel with 4 helmets, you can expect the complete carefree package: a small screwdriver corner with appropriate tools, a washing place, a covered parking space, a drying room for biker clothing and shoes, a lockable storage room for luggage storage on multi-day tours, elaborated route maps of the region, GPS tours to download, motorcycle magazines, andof course countless insider tips directly from the professional.

Offering individual tour advice is a top priority for us. Lukas Wallnöfer is a passionate motorcyclist himself and knows what bikers want. In addition to the spectacular motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch, there are many other routes to explore. The host will be happy to giveyou valuable advice on route planning and can tell you about worthwhile excursion destinations and the best places to stop for refreshments on the border triangle. Once a week, there is a biker meeting in the bar, where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people. As a last resort, if you get stuck on your bike tour unexpectedly, we will be happy to help you out of the jam with our return service (90 cents per kilometre), which is subject to a charge.

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Motorcycle tour on Passo dello Stelvio with a Ducati Scrambler

Have you been dreaming of a motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch for a long time, but you don't own your own bike? No problem, because at our MoHo Hotel, which has been awarded 4 helmets, you can hirethe queen of motorcycles: a Ducati Scrambler. Discover the unique feeling of freedom on two wheels and conquer South Tyrol's roads, curve after curve. In addition to being the ideal starting point for a motorcycle tour on the Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch and on other magnificent mountain pass roads in the area, countless highlights await you in our MoHo – Motorcycle Hotel. Hop off your bike and enjoy the culinary highlights in our restaurant, or treat yourself to a soothing break in our wellness area.

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