A hotel that tells stories

It has been there for almost 60 years, the Hotel Paradies that welcomed guests for the first time in 1966. A lot has happened since then, but much has remained the same.

Paradise in the middle.

When you think of Solda, high mountains come to mind. Snowy winters. Vast meadows and dense forests. Nature as far as the eye can see. Anyone who has ever been here, find this place magical. A little paradise. It is no coincidence that the name of our hotel is derived from this. For nearly 60 years it has been welcoming guests from near and far, giving them a temporary home and allowing them to share the beauty and specialness of the place. 

Your hosts at Hotel Paradies.

Our vocation is a new challenge every day. At Paradies Pure Mountain Resort, however, it is something very special. We, give you as a guest the freedom. Feel free to do what you like. What you enjoy. What makes you feel happy and relaxed. Whenever you need us, together with our team we are there for you.  

A look back into the past

It was 1966 when the Sporthotel Paradiso opened. Even then it was ahead of its time, with 18 rooms, all with shower and toilet. A lot has happened since then. It has been added to, rebuilt, extended. Renewed and renovated. The result is the Paradise Pure Mountain Resort. A house that we, Lukas and Suleika, now run in the second generation. A house with tradition, many regular customers and also guests who have become friends.

Enough words. now pictures do the talking here

Moments, places, emotions, spaces. There is so much to capture. We hold onto the most beautiful things around us in pictures for you. Lean back, immerse yourself in our holiday world and enjoy the anticipation.

For professional reasons? To celebrate your birthday? Or just to relax? We have places for all occasions

With its unique location, right in the middle of the town, the Hotel Paradies of Solda is the perfect place for meetings. Surrounded by unique nature and equipped with all amenities, our house is predestined for inspiring days.

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