Travel precautions & cancellation

Booking conditions

A room reservation is only definitely booked if a deposit of at least 30% of the quoted price or a minimum amount of € 300,- per room appears on the hotel account. The receipt of the deposit is always confirmed with the current room reservation confirmation (arrival | departure | date | room category). We recommend checking the data and informing us in writing of any changes within 1-2 days. Subsequent booking changes can only be adjusted conditionally, otherwise the cancellation conditions listed below apply (2.).


Reservation exceptions without deposit payment e.g. portal booking, travel agencies, companies and regular guests, the agreed booking contracts or the sent written reservation confirmation apply.

Cancellation conditions

According to the Italian law, there is no right of withdrawal in the sense of the Consumer Protection Code. We offer the following cancellation conditions for direct hotel bookings:


A.) Holiday cancellation with conclusion of the travel precaution Paradies Sure (RV) and payment of € 4,00 per day | adult | child

  • in case of occurrence of the cancellation guidelines of the travel precaution Paradies Sure
  • Sars CoV-2 and general health restrictions: travel warning for the entire country Italy or regions | localities, occurrence of the quarantine regulation by the home country or the employer upon return from the booked holiday, short-term isolation or closure of the locality or hotel.
  • there is no processing fee of € 50,- per room
  • One-time postponement or change of reservation: the amount of the RV will be deducted from the existing deposit, that means the paid deposit minus the Paradies Sure amount. The remaining amount can be credited for your next holiday at Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl or can be transferred back. A return transfer will be made within 2-4 weeks to the bank account specified by you.
  • Cancellation at short notice (up to 5 days before the start of the holiday) due to a positively confirmed viral infection on the part of a doctor (Sars CoV-2 or MPXV): the Paradies Sure (RV) provision increases to € 8,- per day | person | child. The medical or official certificate is required for this.


B.) Holiday cancellation without the Paradies Sure travel precaution (RV):

  • please inform us by e-mail (written confirmation required) before the definitive reservation of your room that our RV is not desired. You are covered by private travel insurance and are responsible for your own cancellation costs. Your reservation confirmation will no longer include a listing of the RV amount.
  • In case of a cancellation more than 45 days before the start of the holiday, a minimum of € 50,- up to a maximum of € 100,- per room will be charged as handling fee.
  • In the event of cancellation between 30 and 44 days before the start of the holiday, 20 % of the total amount booked (stay) will be charged.
  • In the event of cancellation between 4 and 29 days before the start of the holiday, 80 % of the total amount booked (stay) will be charged.
  • In the event of an early departure or cancellation up to 3 days before the start of the holiday, 100 % of the total amount booked (stay) will be charged.
  • A rebooking or a postponement of the reservation is possible with a fee of € 250,- per room within the already booked season (summer season or winter season)


C.) Holiday Cancellation | Cancellation in case of reservation through a third party provider (examples: travel agency, voucher tool, booking portal) we do not grant any free cancellation and it is also not possible to postpone the holiday. Deviation from the previous regulations are only valid in case of:

  • contractually agreed cancellation policy between the parties (provider & Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl)
  • in case of a security payment of the reservation in the amount of 15% of the booking value according to the current hotel price list (Hotel Paradies respectively Pension Dangl)
  • a one-time postponement of the stay within 9 months by a room upgrade paid by the customer in the value of min. € 250,- up to 5 days stay and min. € 350,- up to 7 days stay. Payment is made at the time of reservation.

Travel precaution Paradies Sure (RV)

With the travel precaution Paradies Sure (RV) it is possible to secure your room reservation in the Hotel Paradies or in the Pension Dangl with a payment of € 4,00.- per day | adult | child!


General information:

The Paradies Sure is listed as a separate item in the offer email and is included in every offer email. Should you wish to remove this RV amount, this is possible with an e-mail (written notification). The RV amount will be removed and the reservation will be confirmed without RV. In this case, you as the guest are liable for any cancellation and also for the resulting cancellation costs, which must be paid immediately. You will receive a separate receipt for these cancellation fees, which you can hand over to your travel insurance company.

An activation of the RV already cancelled by the guest is only possible if the hotel guest explicitly communicates this in writing when making the option reservation and a maximum of one day after the hotel guest has received the reservation confirmation from Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl. Otherwise a subsequent activation of the RV is not possible!

When making a reservation with the RV-Paradies Sure, it is possible to cancel the booked holiday without any problems. The total amount will be paid in addition with the payment on account of your room and cannot be refunded. The RV is only valid for the costs of the arrangement at Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl. The RV does not include compensation for other additional costs such as travel (aeroplane, train ticket, ticket for lifts of any kind), or additional bills that do not involve Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl.

No RV costs will be charged if the guest books directly on site (walk-in guest) or spontaneously extends his stay.

  • Confirmation of incapacity to travel by a medical certificate in the event of a life-threatening illness, accident on arrival, short-term hospitalisation (up to 10 days prior to arrival), bodily injury, inoculation incompatibility, loosening of implants, pregnancy complications up to the 35th week of pregnancy, death.
  • Illness or accident at the holiday resort, provided there is a medical prescription prescribing transfer to the hospital of the guest's home country
  • Unexpected events in the case of family members*: serious illness, accident, short-term hospitalisation, bodily injury, inoculation incompatibility, loosening of implants and death | suicide and as a result the guest's urgent presence is required 
  • Unexpected damage to property: fire, flood, storm, natural disaster, burglary, theft, vandalism
  • Loss of job, call-up to military or civilian service, court or official summons or subpoena at short notice   
  • Confirmation of a current contagious disease
  • In case of cancellation at short notice due to Sars CoV-2 or MPXV infection, the travel precaution will be charged twice, that means € 8,- per day | person | child

There is no right of cancellation or interrupt the trip in the case of:

  • if it was foreseeable that a pre-existing illness (of any kind) was present or if the guest belongs to a risk group that was also already known to exist
  • already known impairment of family members*
  • already cancelled travel provision (the amount of the travel preacaution (RV) has been taken out of the offer as requested by the guest)
  • bad meteorological forecasts
  • various events which interfere with the journey

From when and for whom is the travel precaution Paradise Sure (RV) valid and up to which degree of relationship:

  • from written confirmation of reservation from Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl you are covered as a hotel guest | pension guest according to the guidelines
  • according to our offer | reservation all specified persons (also child) are included, who take part in the holiday
  • *Family members: spouse | registered partner | child | foster child | grandparents | parents-in-law | step-parents | siblings;


We would like to point out all guests that in the event of a cancellation of the booked trip or reservation, written notification must always be given. A medical certificate or, if necessary, an officially certified document must also be enclosed. Otherwise your cancellation will not be valid.

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