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Important information

Cancellation insurance

PARADIES-sure  | our travel precaution

Easy to book - uncomplicated to cancel 

With the travel precaution PARADIES-sure, it is possible to cancel your booked holiday!

With only € 4,- per day, person, and child, we offer you this travel precaution: 

Additional information:

With the travel provision PARADIES-sure it is always possible for the guest to cancel the booked holiday stress-free. With € 4, - per person / child and day we offer an uncomplicated travel provision. The total amount will be paid in addition to the accrual payment of your room and can not be refunded.    
N.B. The travel precaution (cancellation protection) is limited to the cost of your arrangement in the Hotel Paradies and does not include any compensation for other expenses, such as travel expenses (such as plane and train tickets), or any other costs

When does cancellation apply?

This Cancellation Protection applies and will only apply in the event of the occurrence of the following events, as a result of which you can not unexpectedly or prematurely cancel your travel stay at the Hotel Paradies:  

  • Unexpected serious illness * (confirmed by the doctor), of the insured guest, serious accidental bodily injury, vaccine intolerance or death
  • Loosening of implanted joints *;
  • unexpected serious illness *, serious personal injury or death (including suicide) of a family member, if the presence of the guest is urgently required;
  • Pregnancy, if this is determined after travel booking or pregnancy complications up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy *;
  • significant property damage to the guest’s property at the place of residence as a result of an elementary event (such as fire, flood, storm) or a crime by a third party requiring his presence;
  • involuntary loss of employment as a result of termination of the guest by the employer;
  • Convocation to the guest’s military or civilian service, provided the competent authority does not accept the travel booking as a reason for postponing the summons;
  • Filing the divorce action before a joint trip of the spouse concerned;
  • Dissolution of the community (same registration address since 6 months) by giving up the common residence before the common journey of the partners;
  • Failure to pass the matriculation examination or a similar final examination of a school education lasting at least 3 years immediately before the date of travel of an insured trip booked before the examination;
  • Arrival of an unexpected court summons, provided that the competent court does not accept the guest’s travel reservation as a reason for postponing the summons.

*Medically justified insurance claims must be confirmed in writing by the attending physician.

No cancellation protection exists, among other things, if the reason for canceling the trip or the reason for departure  

  • When booking the cancellation protection already existed, or was foreseeable
  • is related to an existing medical condition of the person who has booked the cancellation protection or a person at risk (such as family members), if any  

- outpatient in the last 6 months or

- stationary in the last 9 months was treated prior to completion of cancellation protection (cancellation of travel) or prior to departure (in the event of cancellation) (with the exception of mere check-ups).

For whom does the cancellation protection apply? 

The cancellation protection applies to the person who has booked the cancellation protection and additionally for:  

  • Family members of the same person, but only for max. three additional persons for each trip booked with cancellation protection.
  • Family members include: spouse (or registered partner or living partner living together), children (stepchildren, children in law, grandchildren and foster children), parents (step-parents, siblings, grandparents and foster parents), siblings and brother-in-law / Sister-in-law of the insured person. In the case of a registered partner or living partner living together in the same household, their children, parents and siblings.  

When does the cancellation protection apply?

The cancellation protection begins after the payment of the said surcharge in the course of the deposit booking of the trip. If the cancellation protection is booked later, the cancellation protection will only be valid from the 10th day after the booking of the cancellation protection (except in case of death, or in case of a serious accident).

What is to be done in case of damage?

Cancellation protection: Replacement in the amount of max. € 8,000.00 of the booked travel price for non-arrival of the trip;  

  • What to do: Please inform us immediately. In case of a cancellation due to health reasons we need at the same time a detailed medical certificate (exact diagnosis and legibility !!) of your treating doctor. Please send us the medical certificate.  

Trip break: Replacement in the amount of max. € 8,000.00 from the part of the booked travel price corresponding to the unused portion of the package;  

  • What to do: If the trip is due to illness or an accident, we need a medical certificate from the attending physician on site. 

General provisions 

The aforementioned compensation amounts represent the maximum performance in the context of this cancellation protection. The present cancellation protection is subject to Italian law. With the payment of the surcharge for the cancellation protection, the guest agrees to the above-mentioned provisions and cancellation protection conditions.

Questions about cancellation protection and payment of the premium: 
Tel. +39 0473 613043 | E-Mail: info@hotel-paradies.it

Cancellation policy

There is no right of withdrawal within the meaning of the consumer protection code, but we grant you the following cancellation conditions:

A) Holiday cancellations with conclusion of the travel insurance PARADIES-sure 

  • If the PARADIES-sure  cancellation policy occurs
  • New - Covid-19 restrictions: in the case of travel warnings for the country Italy or regions and localities, entry of the quarantine regulation by the home country or employer on return from the booked holiday, short-term isolation or closure of the village or the hotel
  • There are no processing fees of € 50 for each room
  • 1: 1 postponement / crediting of the deposit and travel insurance (TI) PARADIES-sure  for one year

B) Holiday cancellations without taking out PARADIES-sure travel insurance

  • Written notification before the definitive holiday reservation that the PARADIES-sure  travel provisions will not be required. You are privately insured, so the definitive holiday confirmation will be adjusted in the offer without the PARADIES-sure amount.
  • If you cancel more than 30 days before the start of your holiday, € 50 for each room will be charged as a processing fee.
  • In the event of a cancellation between 4 and 29 days before the start of the holiday, 80% of the total amount booked (stay) will be charged.
  • In the case of early departure or cancellation up to 3 days, 100% of the total amount booked (stay) will be charged
  • Rebooking or postponement of the holiday reservation is possible within the booked season (winter or summer) with a one-time processing fee of € 200.

Inclusive services

In the room you will find a kettle and a large selection of regional teas.Clear, fresh mountain spring water flows through our pipes, which you can drink without hesitation. During your stay, you will have a wellness bag with pool towel, bathrobe, and bathing flip-flops at your disposal. You are welcome to take home our Paradies flip-flops as souvenirs. The backpack and hiking poles are on loan and can be used during your holiday.

Check-in / Check-out

The room is available from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, we ask you to vacate the room by 11:00 a.m. If the room is available, you can use it until 6 p.m. for an extra fee. 

Tourist tax

This is 2.00 euros per night per person aged 14 and over. For children under 14 years of age, it is important to present a valid travel document (ID or passport).

Dress code

While your outfit can be loose and casual at breakfast, we ask you to wear sporty-elegant clothes for dinner. Please leave your shorts and t-shirts, sweatpants and flip-flops in your room in the evening.

Food and Drink

Kitchen chef Csaba will prepare gluten-free, allergy-friendly, vegetarian, or vegan dishes. Next to the playing room, there is even an 24 hour machine for soft drinks, hot drinks and snacks (for a fee). You can safely enjoy the mild Solda spring water (Grander quality) anywhere in the hotel.

Handicapped accessible

At our hotel, you can enjoy an unrestricted holiday, even if you depend on a wheelchair. Allergy sufferers can take a deep breath with us. The air is clean in all the rooms with wood flooring. On request, we can also provide allergy sufferers special bed linen. Please let us know if you suffer from food intolerances and allergies.


You can surf the internet throughout the hotel for free using our Wi-Fi.


We accept cash up to € 1,999.99 (according to the law of 07/01/2020) and credit cards (Master, Visa and Eurocard). We recommend our guests to pay for the entire stay shortly before the start of their holiday by bank transfer.


Allowed in all rooms and at the bar by arrangement and with suitable support. We charge € 20 per pet and day without food and an obligatory final cleaning (one-off) of € 30. Animals are not allowed in the restaurant, neither in the Lodenstube nor in the wellness area. The hotel assumes no liability for damage of any kind (insurance recommended).


Your reservation is only validafter the receipt of the deposit of 300.00 euros per room. If you want to reserve a special room number, we can arrange this for you for an additional charge of 10.00 euros per night and person.

For Safety

The hotel is video-monitored 24 hours a day in all publicly accessible rooms. Ski equipment and hiking boots can be stored in the storage cupboard (per room) in the ski room. Each room has a safe for valuables. The car can be parked in the garage free of charge.

Single parent with child

We offer a 20% discount for children up to the age of 12 with one full-paying guest (excluding the Budget Family Room).

Stop traffic jam l Late Check out

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam, which is why we offer you the option of an additional booking for 1-2 days at short notice and depending on availability 2-3 days before arrival or departure. We reward these days with a discount of 15% on the regular room rate.Late check-out: if available, you can extend your stay until 6 p.m. on the day of departure at a price of EUR 20 per person.

Fly | Train | Transfer

The airports:Innsbruck (180 km), Verona (220 km) and Bergamo (330 km) are a maximum of 4 hours away from Sulden and offer good flight connections from many European cities. Other airports are Milan, Munich and Zurich.

Direct train connections: via the hubs from Verona and Innsbruck to Bolzano e.g. Milan-Bozen (Frecciarossa) about 4 hours, Vienna-Bozen (ÖBB-Railjet) about 6 hours or Munich-Bozen (DB-IC) about 4 hours. From Bozen-Spondinig (local train) approx. 2 hours. On request and subject to availability, we can also take you to Sulden with our hotel bus from the Spondinig train station free of charge.

Transfer- (costs): Taxi company Volgger in Sulden (Tel +39 0473-613106 Mobile +39 335-6006865) can offer the following up-prices to / from Sulden: Innsbruck € 250, Verona € 340, Bozen / Landeck € 150.00, Merano € 120.00, Schlanders € 80.00, Spondinig train station € 50.00. The prices are per trip in a minibus (max. 8 people). With the all-year bus transfer from the low-cost airports Bergamo, Verona, Venice, Treviso and Innsbruck, you can reach South Tyrol for as little as € 29 round trip.

Recommendation: rental car directly at the airports or train stations!

Paradies Pure Mountain Resort

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