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Paradies sure - Travel precaution (RV)

With the travel precaution Paradies sure (RV) it is possible to reserve your room in the Hotel Paradies or in the Pension Dangl (Glacier Rock guesthouse) with a payment of € 4,- per day | adult | child.

General information:

When you make the reservation including the Paradies sure (RV), it is possible to cancel easily the booked holiday. The amount of the RV will also be paid at the same time as the deposit of the room reservation and cannot be refunded. The RV is only valid at the expense of the arrangement in the Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl*. The Paradies sure (RV) does not include additional costs such as arrival fees like plane, train tickets, general travel tickets, tickets for all types of lift fees or additional bills that do not relate to Hotel Paradies or Pension  Dangl*.

No RV costs will be charged if the guest books directly in the Hotel or the guesthouse (walk in guest) or extends spontaneously his stay.

The Paradies sure (RV) amount is clearly listed on every offer mail and is therefore always included at the beginning. Should the guest wish to remove this RV amount, so it's necessary to send us an e-mail (written notification). The RV amount will then be canceled and the confirmed reservation is without the travel precaution RV. In this case, you as guest are liable for any cancellation and also for the resulting costs, which must be paid immediately. You will receive a separate tax receipt for this cancellation fees, which you can send to your travel insurance company.

An activation of the RV, that has already been canceled by the wish of the guest, is only possible if the client explicitly write us when making the reservation-option and not later than one day after receipt the definitly reservation (Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl*). Otherwise, subsequent activation of the RV is not possible!

If it is not possible to start the booked journey or if it is necessary to prematurely end the holiday at Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl*, that has already started, the RV Paradies sure is only valid if the following cases:

  • confirmation of the inability to travel by an medical certificate in the case of a life-threatening illness, accident upon arrival, short-term hospital stay (up to 10 days before arrival), physical injury, vaccination intolerance, loosening of implants on the tooth, pregnancy complications up to the 35th week of pregnancy, death
  • illness or accident at the holiday destination, provided there is a doctor's prescription that stipulates transfer to the hospital in the guest's home country.
  • unexpected events by family members**: serious illness, accident, short-term hospitalization, physical injury, vaccination intolerance, loosening of implants on the tooth, death | suicide and, as a result, the urgent presence of the guest is required.
  • unexpected material damage to property: fire, flood, storm, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism
  • job loss, conscription for military or civilian service, last-minute court or official invitation or subpoena
  • confirmation of a currently contagious disease
  • in the event of short-term cancellation due to Sars CoV-2 or MPXV infection, the travel insurance will be charged twice, it means € 8,- per day | adult | child
  • in the event of short-term cancellation by the employer/company, the following cancellation amount will be calculated from the booking price: 35% up to 999 € & 30% from 1000 €

There is no right of cancellation of the holiday or right of withdrawal in the case of:

  • it was foreseeable that an existing illness (whatever kind) was present or that the guest belonged to a risk group that was also already known
  • already knowing impairment of family members**
  • the Paradise sure (RV) travel precaution has been already canceled, it means that the guest insisted on deleting the RV amount from the offer at the time before the definitve reservation

From when is the travel insprecaution Paradies sure (RV) valid and up to what degree of degree of relationship:

  • from the written confirmation of room reservation (Hotel Paradies or Pension Dangl*), you are a hotel guest | guesthouse client which is covered as per policy according
  • to the definitive reservation, all person (also children) specified in the offer who are taking part in the holiday are included
  • **Family members: husband, wife, officially registered life partner, whose child | foster child | grandparents | in-laws | stepparents | siblings

We would like to point out to all guests, that if the booked trip will be canceled in possess of an definitive reservation confirmation, written notification must always be given . A medical certificate or, if necessary, an officially certified document must also be enclosed. Otherwise your cancellation is not valid!

N.B. Pension Dangl = Glacier Rock guesthouse

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