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A snowy fairy tale

The fresh snow crunches under the soles as thick snowflakes dance through the air on their way down from the sky. Pleasant silence takes over as soon as the white splendour covers the landscape. During your winter holiday in Solda/Sulden, you can still experience a winter as it used to be. Already in October, the first snow falls and transforms the small mountain village into a unique winter wonderland. From the exuberant snowball fight to boundless skiing fun and breath-taking ski tours – discover the magic of the cold season on your winter holiday in Solda/Sulden.

Off-piste adventure at Solda

Cevedale/Zufallspitze, Cima di Solda/Suldenspitze, L’ Angelus Piccolo/Kleiner Angelus, or Punta del Conston/Hintergratkopf – these are just a few destinations for your next ski tour at the foot of Mount Ortles. In the same step, you will cross slopes of fresh snow and ridges to the peaks of your dreams. Take a deep breath, enjoy the silence, and let your gaze wander far over the horizon before you walk over unspoilt slopes towards the valley. Can you imagine a better winter holiday experience? At Hotel Paradies, we have a lot to offer so that you can enjoy the many sides of your winter holiday at Solda.

On ice and on snow

Directly in front of our hotel, you can do your laps on the 8 km long free high-altitude cross-country ski run or toboggan with the whole family towards the valley. If you have nerves of steel, you can go ice climbing at Solda. The Alpin school offers special courses also for beginners. A horse-drawn sleigh ride, on the other hand, is a romantic experience. Travel with 2 horsepower through the deep snowy valley while bundled up in a warm blanket. 

Paradies Pure Mountain Resort

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