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Over hill and dale

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb: so get on your way on foot or on two wheels – countless experiences await you surrounding the Stelvio National Park. You can get on your bike, conquer three-thousand-meter peaks, hike to charming alpine pastures, explore the area in a vintage car, or take off on a motorcycle. 

The Eldorado for motocyclists

Sharp curves, exciting mountain roads, and beautiful passes are just waiting to be conquered. In the vicinity of the Paradies Pure Mountain Resort, there are the most spectacular motorcycle tours around the border triangle of Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. The absolute highlight remains the trip to the Passo dello Stelvio. The host Lukas Wallnöfer will share other worthwhile destinations and also insider tips. 

Hot-Spot for Biker

Passionate cyclists who have once spent their holidays at Solda wants to come back. Why? Nowhere else are there more exclusive and unique bike routes than in this region. While pleasure cyclists comfortably cruise along the Vinschgau cycle path, racing cyclists stalk the Stelvio Pass. Countless trails lead you through cool forests and to rustic huts in the high alpine landscape of the National Park. The Madritschjoch is the highest pass in the Eastern Alps, which experienced bikers can easily reach. If you need a littel boost, you can also rent a latest-generation e-bike from the hotel.

You can almost touch the sky

Solda has always been the place of longing for climbers from near and far. The Ortles, which rises imposingly above the idyllic little mountain village, has become the setting of countless stories and myths. Climbing through the colossal ice and snow is the crowning glory for every climber. You can also follow the tracks of the mountaineers during your holiday. The cable car takes you up to the hiking paradise. Here is where rewarding high trails, leisurely hikes to rustic huts, and spectacular trails to places to enjoy the view, such as the Payer hut begin. For those who wants to climb a 3.000m peak spoilt for choice at Solda. The options are endless and range from the relatively simple summit victory on the Punta del Lago Gelato to the “tour de effort” on the Gran Zebrù. Our motto: never climb mountains so that the world can see you, but climb mountains so that you can see the world!

Paradies Pure Mountain Resort

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