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Games, fun and laugh

An untouched world of adventure awaits you at any time of  the year: the numerous mountain pastures where goats, sheep, cows and even yaks spend their summer freshness are a true paradise for children. Comfortable hiking trails suitable for prams lead from our hotel in Solda to the idyllic alpine pastures. In the afternoon, the panoramic indoor pool (30°C), the outdoor family sauna and the hot jacuzzi (38°C) are the best places to relax together. For all climbing foxes, we recommend the adventure playground below the Paradise Pure Mountain Resort. The smaller children can cheerfully explore the "mountains in our own playroom", build castles with the soft Lego bricks or do some artistic work on the Playberry. During winter,small skierscan learn how to descend the slopes safely and skilfully with the ski instructors of the Skischule Sulden.

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Paradies Pure Mountain Resort

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