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Cancellation conditions

According to Italian law, there is no right of withdrawal within the meaning of the consumer protection code. We can offering the present cancellation conditions:

1. Holiday cancellation with conclusion of the travel precaution Paradise sure (RV) and payment of € 4,- per day | adult | child:

  • upon occurrence of the cancellation policy of the RV Paradise sure
  • Sars CoV-2 and general health restrictions: travel warning for Italy or regions | localities, effect of the quarantine regulation by the native country or by the employer, when returning from the booked holiday, short-term isolation or closure of the town, hotel or guesthouse
  • the processing fee of € 50,- per room will not be charged
  • one-time postponement or change of the reservation: the amount of the RV will be deducted from the paid on account, so that means, the paid deposit minus the amount of the travel precaution Paradies sure. The remaining amount can be credited to your next holiday at the Hotel Paradies or the guesthouse Pension Dangl or transferred back. A transfer is made within two till max. four weeks to the bank account you specified.
  • cancellation at short notice (up to 5 days before start of vacation) due to a positive viral infection confirmed by a doctor (Sars CoV-2 or MPXV): the RV amount increases to € 8,- per day | adult | child. Therefore is required an official medical document.
  • in the event of short-term cancellation by the employer/company, the following cancellation amount will be calculated from the booking price: 35% up to 999 € & 30% from 1000 €

2. Holiday cancellation without conclusion of the travel precaution Paradise sure (RV):

  • let us know by e-mail (written notice required) before you make the definitive reservation, that the RV is not desired. You have a private travel insurance and you are responsible for your own cancellation costs. Your final reservation confirmation doesn't include anymore the RV amount.
  • in case you cancel more than 45 days before holiday start, a processing fee of at least € 50,- to a maximum of € 100,- per room will be charged. 
  • in case you cancel 30 till 44 days before holiday start, 20% of the total amount of your booked stay will be charged.
  • in case you cancel 4 till 29 days before holiday start, 80% of the total amount of your booked stay will be charged.
  • in case of an early departure or cancellation up to 3 days before holiday start, 100% of the total amount of your booked stay will be charged.
  • a rebooking or postponement of the reservation is possible with a fee of € 250,- per room within the already reserved season (summer or winter).

3. Cancellation of the reservation made by providers (travel agency, voucher tool, booking portals), we do not offer a free cancellation and no postponement of the holiday. Deviations from the regulations only apply to:

  • contractually agreed cancellation guidelines between the parties (provider & Hotel Paradies or guesthouse Pension Dangl)
  • by paying a security fee to the reservation in the amount of 15% of the booking value according to the current price list (Hotel Paradies or guesthouse Pension Dangl)
  • in the case of a one-time postponement of the stay within 9 months, by a room upgrade which will be paid from the customer, in the value of € 250,- for a stay of up to 5 days and € 350,- for a stay of up to 7 days. The payment has to be made upon reservation.

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