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Passion and Freedom

The mountain village of Solda/Sulden has always been a place of longing for nature lovers. It is an idyllic gem in the middle of a unique Alpine landscape, which exudes a special charm in every season. The mount Ortles rises majestically in front of the Paradies Pure Mountain Resort. Its view quickly sets everyday life on the back burner.

Once upon a time

Christmas 1966, Rita and Johann Wallnöfer welcomed their first guests. Even then, the Hotel Paradies was ahead of its time. All 18 rooms were equipped with a shower and toilet.Over the years, the hotel in Solda/Sulden, now managed by Wallnöfer Lukas and his wife Suleika, has turned into a charming holiday resort with modern suites and cosy rooms, and a spacious wellness area. Our passion for our profession and the warmth with which we care for our guests, friends have always remained the same.

Fontain of youth

At Solda you can find the highest forest border in the Alps, which is 2,400 metres above sea level. Both the unique altitude and the climatic conditions contribute to the particularly clean air. Here you can breathe easy, because the crystal-clear air is free of pollen. A vacation at Solda is like a live-cell therapy. Due to the lower oxygen levels in the air, more red blood cells are produced, which increases performance and stimulates the metabolism. 

Best of Paradies

At our hotel you will experience pleasure with all of your senses. Our creative kitchen team around head chef Csaba creates delicious dishes, refined with Mediterranean flavours. Take a seat in the Restaurant 1865: Mâitre Ermal's service team will accompany you through the evening. Lukas Wallnöfer is a trained sommelier and at your side with wine recommendations. He is also a qualified cheese sommelier and takes you into the world of VINO and cheese creations during his tastings.

After an active day in the mountains, treat yourself to a treatment in our spa department: the classic Paradise massage, a refreshing sea salt body scrub, the soothing herbal stamp massage and of course there is also something for the little ones among the guests.



Paradies Pure Mountain Resort

4,5 of 5 Stars - TripAdvisor