On silent soles in the snow

Experience winter at Solda the way you like it. Perhaps on a snowshoe hike. Through the snowy, untouched winter landscape at the foot of Mount Ortles. 

The magic of winter

Snowshoe hiking has a very special magic. Step by step you walk through deep snow-covered forests, over gentle hills and into the mountains. You are accompanied by the crunch of snow under your feet, the silence of nature and unique views of the surrounding mountains. The region around Solda offers a variety of routes for all snowshoe hikers. 

The gentle winter is in Solda at home

Unforget­table hours in the snow

Throughout the holiday region in the Ortles area and in the Stelvio National Park there are plenty of tours for snowshoe hikers on which you can enjoy the breathtaking mountain panorama. Well-marked hiking trails, secluded routes and mountain paths form a wealth of opportunities to experience winter by hiking.

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