Become one with the winter nature.

When you think of Solda in winter, you also think of imposing glaciers. And of all the possibilities to move the body, inspire the mind, let the soul dangle in the cold season.

Skiing & snowboar­ding dreams

Solda is one of the skiing locations in the Alps. Here the ski and snowboard season starts already in October and lasts until the beginning of May. The Hotel Paradies is centrally located on the Kanzel slope, which leads directly into the Solda ski area with its 44 kilometres of slopes. 

Uphill into winter bliss

To go on a ski tour means to fully engage with nature and the landscape around you. You go uphill in soothing silence, hearing nothing but the crunch of snow under your skis and feeling the invigorating cold on your face.

Step by step through the wintry mountains

Winter in Solda also has a very gentle side. If you want to get to know it, you should definitely go on a snowshoe hike. Step by step you will trudge through idyllic mountain landscapes covered in deep snow that could not be more impressive. 

Gliding through the winter

The regular movements, in rhythm with your breath, let you feel your head clear and you relax while cross-country skiing. Enjoy the closeness to nature, breathe deeply, listen to the silence and marvel at the breathtaking landscape at Solda.

At the foot of King Ortles

No less than 14 three-thousand-metre peaks frame the mountain village of Solda in the Stelvio National Park. Among them is South Tyrol's highest mountain, the King Ortles. Here, in unspoilt nature and crystal-clear mountain air, it is easy to take a deep breath and enjoy your holiday. 

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