A guest at the foot of King Ortles.

Mount Ortles, Gran Zebru, Mount Zebru, Mount Punta Beltovo. And at their feet Solda. A real picture-book mountain village. Picturesque and idyllic. Made to fall in love with.

Intact nature & crystal clear mountain air. A holiday at Solda is good for you

No less than 14 three-thousand-metre peaks frame the picturesque mountain village of Solda in the Stelvio National Park. And that makes it unique. Here, at an altitude of 1,865 m, where nature is still intact and the air is crystal clear, it is easy to take a deep breath and enjoy your holiday. 

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Solda. Eldorado for active people. Favourite place for everyone

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Even though Solda has meanwhile become a well-known holiday location, it remains the tranquil little mountain village in the Solda Valley, where sometimes even time seems to stand still, where people simply feel at home.

Nature and mountains. Peace and tranqu­illity. That all is Solda

What makes Solda unique throughout the seasons? Spring conjures up colourful flowers on the still snow-covered meadows. Summer brings fragrant forests and dreamlike temperatures far from the heat of the city. Autumn proves to be a hiker's paradise before winter arrives with its magnificent ski slopes. The fact that the timberline here rises to 2,400 metres is also a special feature that can only be found in Solda.

Multifaceted landscapes. Imposing mountains. Nature that needs to be discovered with eyes wide open. In the middle of it all is our „Paradies“. Your hotel at Solda.

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